After Builders Cleaning

After Builders Cleaning

When is after builders cleaning service needed?

Our after builders cleaning in Australia is a service designed to take care of the mess that gets left behind after a property has been renovated.It’s a service that is especially needed if any of the following home refurbishments have taken place:

  • Kitchen/bathroom fitting
  • Loft conversion
  • New extension
  • Knocked down a wall
  • General Renovation
  • House moving

Regardless of how light a property renovation is there will always be certain levels of dust and debris left behind.Even when it comes to painting and varnishing you can rest assured that there will be the odd paint and varnish splash here and there, after the builders have finished their work. So booking a post-construction cleaning service for your  property is a must if you want to save yourself the headaches of cleaning everything yourself.

Just remember that in order for us to perform the clean the building work must have come to an end.Also, the after builders cleaners willneed access to running hot water and electricity. And please bear in mind that this is an hourly-based service and in order to give you the most correct estimate of duration we willneed to know how big your property is and what its condition is. If the cleaning technicians need more time or they finish the work faster, we will amend the price accordingly.

Our post-builder cleaning procedure

The after builders cleaning service  starts as soon as the cleaners enter the property. They will use their industrial-grade vacuum cleaners to remove as much built-up dust as possible. Paint and plaster stains will be removed with the help of special off-the-counter detergents which dissolve them. All of the windows in the property will be cleaned from the inside and the sills will be hoovered.

Below, you can find the full list of tasks we perform as part of this service:

  • Deep hoovering and mopping of all floors - removal of paint spots and plaster;
  • Internal cleaning of windows, sills, and frames;
  • Deep cleaning of skirting boards, doors, door frames, fixtures, switches and sockets;
  • Deep cleaning of the entire home, including fixtures like shelves and cupboards (they have to be emptied out in advance);
  •  Washing kitchen and bathroom tiles;
  • All surfaces and woodwork are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Deep cleaning of toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers and other bathroom fixtures;
  • Deep cleaning of all floors and stairs;
  • External cleaning of kitchen appliances;
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    You may be thinking: "why should I pay someone to clean my house?" Well, you are not cleaning it yourself, are you? So why not save yourself the energy and time that you lack anyway, and treat yourself to the peace of mind that comes with the thought that your house will finally be taken care of. We can assure you that our house cleaning service is one of the best.
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